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The forecast showed cloudy with a chance of rain a day before my photoshoot with Staci and Anna. I asked if they wanted to postpone, but these awesome mama's were down to shoot in the rain. ☔️ I was a bit nervous because I've never shot in the rain and I didn't have rain gear. My only protect was my umbrella (and my mommy who was my assitant).

When we got there it was sprinkling and a bit cold. We did a few family shots with Anna and Staci's family (which I'll save for another post). I wanted to highlight these amazing mamas.

On the way to the car, my mom who was ahead of us shouted "look!" and pointed behind us. A beautiful FULL rainbow was glowing in all it's glory.

So the girls put all their stuff down and I pulled out my camera again and got some awsome shots! I didn't have my wide lens, but they still came out amazing.

It was pretty magical and I stayed a little longer after our session to enjoy the rainbow. 🌈

I wish these mamas lots of goodness with the rest of their pregnancy and can't wait to see their sweet baby girls!



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