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Happy 1st Birthday, Bronn! +A Sneak Peek of the Gonzalez Family at ByWaterHollow.

It's always a privilege to photograph a special moment in the lives of my closest friends. Bronn was born on February 28th, 2020 which is such a significant time in history. It was right before the world shut down due to the COVID19 pandemic- a defining time and event in our lifetime. I'm so thankful I was able to capture these moments when he was just a few days old. It wouldn't be until Mother's Day when we'd see him again through the glass door and a few times during our sister-FaceTime sessions.

I even did a little impromptu FaceTime photoshoot because I couldn't resist:

Here's a little flashback to when Bronn was just a baby bump!

And more from his newborn session, which are some of my most favorite photographs!

He's now a year old and Mama Aubrey wanted to celebrate his birthday with a family photo session at ByWaterHollow Lavendar Farm in Lincoln. Here's a few sneak peeks!

Happiest First Birthday, Bronn! It was so fun to see you grow this year and can't wait to see all the amazing things you do! Auntie Jane loves you to the moon and back! Thank you Aubrey & Paolo for letting me capture your biggest, beautiful blessing!



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