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Hello, Friend!

Hello All!! This is my very first blog post and I'm happy you're here for it! For my new friends, a little bit about me... I'm a full time RN, a full time mommy and full time wife living in Rocklin, CA. Here's my cute litte family with my son being my biggest muse:

More things about me...

- I'm an Enneagram Type 9

- I love Food (eating it, cooking it, sharing it, etc)

- I love all things Disney/Pixar.

- I love Pilates/Yoga. I even invested in a reformer and pilates chair!

- I love Home/Yard improvement. I feel home improvement is never-ending when you own a home.

- I love traveling. Our last wanderlust brought us to Bali, Indonesia.

- I love exploring my city (Sacramento in the house!). We have so much greatness right in our neighborhood.

-I'm a Bariatric RN and facilitate support groups. I love seeing transformations (before & afters give me life).

Expect some blog posts regarding all things listed above!

When I was thinking about my vision for 2020, I knew I wanted to expand my creativity and have an outlet where I can create and be me (all facets of me). I also had the intention of being present, make meaningful connections and to just overall be a better version of myself.

I'm going to make this short and let you in on a little (not so) secret. I'm launching a photography business to hopefully check many of the boxes for my 2020 Vision.

- Expand Creativity

- Be Present

- Make Meaningful Connections

So with that...


This is all new to me and I'm learning new things everyday! I'm excited to see what the future brings and all the people I will meet along the way.

With love,

Sarah Jane

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