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Chilly Sunrise Session with the Brewer Family

I was so excited to meet Anna and her family. We lucked out because it rained a few days before our shoot and rained the days after out shoot. They were such troopers for waking up before sunrise and then braving the cold air. I love, love, love sunrise sessions! It's a wonderful time of day when the light is gorgeous, there's less people and you get to enjoy the rest of your day after your shoot.

Thinking about booking a sunrise session? Here are some tips to help you prepare:

1) Sleep early and give yourself more than enough time to prep when you wake up.

2) Prep all clothing and props the night before.

3) Be sure to confirm meeting time with your photographer/client. Arrive about 30-45mins before sunrise.

4) Be sure to map the location well in advance and give enough time for travel.

5) Bring a blanket, scarves and gloves (especially if we're shooting in the middle of winter!).

6) If it's cold, keep moving! Run in place, do some jumping jacks and get loose.

7) Massage and relax your face so it's not tense during your photo session.

8) Bribe your kiddos with doughnuts.

9) If it's a maternity or family session, bring a snack! I usually will have some for you ;)

10) Treat yourself to a nice breakfast after!

Enjoy some of my favorite shots from the Brewer Family Session!


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