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Mama Charlene

This was my first sunrise session and I absolutely loved it! The weather was cool, the water was warm, it was quiet and serene! What made it even better was being able to photograph this lovely mama. I picked up Charlene at about 5am; her looking nice and fresh and me still wiping the sleep from my eyes. We grabbed some Starbucks and headed over to the lake just as the sky started to turn pink. We pretty much had the whole area to ourselves except for a few morning birds.

On our way down to the water, we stumbled upon this staff that looked a lot like Gandalf's walking stick. This find was meant to be because it totally added a special touch to her photos!

I mean... come on!

Charlene was giving off some serious warrior, goddess, mermaid vibes during this session. Fitting since a firece baby girl is on the way!

“Don't hide your scars, your stretch marks,

your laugh lines, your calloused hands.

They are your life story,

telling of struggles won and lost,

challenges faced, losses overcome,

life grown and birthed and nurtured,

hard work accomplished,

stars reached for, hopes dashed, dreams realized,

rock bottoms and mountain tops.

They tell the story of your one

amazing, awful, beautiful life

written in the curves and lines of

extraordinary, miraculous, beautiful you.”

L.R. Knost

Pregnancy is such a gift. Whether it's your first, 5th or last. Each new soul is a miracle and blessing.

Thank you to the beautful Charlene for letting me capture these photos of you! You are a gorgeous mama inside and out. I can't wait to meet your baby girl!



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